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  • header - header text
  • limit
  • skip - skip x elements, allows to skip x elements from collection
  • order - order in which data should be fetched - asc; desc;
  • orderby - order in which data should be fetched - date; ID; author; title; name; modified; parent; rand; menu_order;
  • id - post id
  • notids - exclude post id
  • slug - post slug, filter by slug
  • post_parent - post parent id, filter by parent id
  • cat - categories ids, comma separated values: 2,3,5. to exclude catgories use '-' minus: -2 will exclude category 2
  • cat_name - category name, name of category to filter
  • tag - tag name (slug), comma separated values: tag1,tag2 to exclude tags use '-' minus: -mytag will exclude tag 'mytag'
  • s - keyword search, show item with certain keyword
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